Friday, March 1, 2019

Week of March 4

Have you ever wondered how maple syrup is made? The first step is to "tap" a maple tree, and this is done in the north when the weather begins to warm up. 

You can visit the Cleveland Metroparks to take a tour and see how maple syrup is made. The tours are every weekend during March. Practice your listening skills by watching the videos to learn more about "tapping" a maple tree and making maple sugar. 

Here Comes the Sun - song by the Beatles

Yes, it has been a long, cold winter. Listen to the song and complete the quiz below it afterwards.

Articles - a, an, the

Our next grammar topic and review will be on articles. Articles are 3 small words that drive people crazy. In order to understand articles, you have to be confident in your knowledge of singular and plural nouns.

Below is a video that explains basic rules surrounding the use of a, an, and the. (British English)

Pronunciation - Tricky Vowels

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