Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thumbs Up!

The theme of our 2nd week of our Summer ESOL Conversation Class is "Thumbs Up".  Vocabulary focus will be on expressing satisfaction & dissatisfaction and stating preferences.  Handouts to accompany these topics are below.

Satisfaction & Dissatisfaction

Stating Preferences

If you would like to learn more idioms related to the body, go to English Club and there are 9 sections of idioms about the body (as well as many other groups of idioms).

Many students say it is difficult to understand Americans because they speak too quickly.  This is because most Americans use reduced and connected speech - that way we don't sound like robots!  The video below explains how "What do you" is reduced to "Whaddya".

Interview a Native English Speaker

Your assignment is to interview a native English speaker and write down the answers. This is due in class on July 1. You will be sharing the results of your interview with your classmates. The handout is located below.

Interview an American

Wednesday, June 10, 2015