EPHP Class Calendar

1/7     Welcome breakfast; Registration and Testing

1/14   Complete testing, meet counselors, U.S. Health Care System

1/21   U.S. Healthcare System, Medicaid/Medicare

1/28     Workshop:  Gaining Professional Networks and Soft Skills for the Workplace 
            Requirements for Entry in Health Field / Health Care Professions and Career Paths

2/4      Workshop:  Exploration of the American Resume: Basic, Targeted, Medical
            Using Medical Terminology Appropriately 
The Patient-Health Professional Relationship

2/11    Student Presentations
Gathering Patient Information
The Patient-Centered Interview

2/18    Examining and Monitoring Patients

2/25    Student Presentations
Healthcare Collocations
Developing a Treatment Plan

3/4      Workshop:  Understanding Competency-Based Questions and the American                Application Process (Do's and Don't's)
           Developing a Treatment Plan           
           Charting and Reporting Patient Information
3/11    Student Presentations

3/18   Basic Life Support Training - 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

3/25   Student Presentations
            Telephone and Electronic Communication

4/1    Workshop:  Re-credentialing of Finding New Career Pathways that Leverage your Advanced Training and Experience
          Legal & Ethical Issues in Health Care

4/8     Tour of Cleveland Clinic
            Job Interview Skills

4/15   Student Presentations
          Substance Abuse (TED Talk on Addiction)

4/22  Student Presentations
         Role Plays

4/29   9:15  Janet Shuster, CFO Lutheran Hospital
          10:00  Keith Cederlund, CCF Physician Recruiter
           Critical Health Issues in the U.S.
5/6     Post-testing

          Future Directions for Health and Health Professionals

5/20   Certificates & Celebration in the cafeteria
          - families are welcome
          9:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.

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