Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Do we have school today?

Polaris Career Center:  if Polaris is closed during the day, there will be no class.  

English and Pathways for Healthcare Professionals:  if Cleveland State University is closed, there will be no class.

You can sign up to receive school closing alerts for your phone or check the Internet:  

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Say vs Tell

Say and tell mean the same thing but are used in different constructions.
  • We say something
  • We say something to someone
  • We say to someone something
  • We tell someone something
Preposition to is never used after tell.
  • Mother said: “I am very happy.”
  • Mother said (that) she was very happy.
  • Mother said to me, “I am very happy.”
  • Mother told me (that) she was happy.
Commands and advice:
Tell someone (not) to do something
  • The teacher told us to stand up.
  • She told me not to worry about the time.
Remember the following phrases with say and tell:

so you say
it goes without saying
tell a story/stories
tell a joke/jokes
tell a lie/lies
tell the truth
tell the future (= to know what the future will bring)
tell the time (= know how to read a clock)
tell apart (=to be able to see the difference between two things/people)

You can read more rules and take several quizzes here:

Can you find the mistakes?
  1.  Bob said me that he was hungry.
  2. Ann told that she had enjoyed the party.
  3. My girlfriend told to me that she wanted to get married.
  4. I told Sam don't pull the cat's tail.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Medicare and Medicaid Answer Keys

For those students in my English and Pathways for Healthcare Professionals class, here are the answer keys to the Khan Academy video worksheets on Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicare Answer Key

Medicaid Answer Key