Saturday, September 29, 2018

Week of October 1st

This week we will practice expressing our opinions. We will learn how to agree and politely disagree with someone. Below is vocabulary to help you do this.

We will continue learning about simple present tense and present continuous verbs. There are some verbs, called non-action verbs, that are not usually used in the present continuous tense. Below is a chart of these verbs and exercises to practice them.

Spelling in English is not easy! Below is a list of common spelling rules for when you add "ed" or "ing" onto a verb.

The first week of class, we briefly discussed using an apostrophe (') to form contractions. Below is a listening activity to learn more about forming contractions.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Week of September 24th

Happy Fall Season! Fall is also called "autumn". It is the only season with 2 names.

For your homework, click the link below to learn 7 English idioms for the autumn season. Listen to the video, write the definitions and an example sentence for each one.

7 English Idioms for the Autumn Season

This week we learned about the present continuous (also called present progressive) and simple present tenses. There are many online activities below to help you practice this.

There are several ways to pronounce the American English "T" sound. Below is a website to help you with your pronunciation. Watch the videos and repeat the speaker.

Finally, below is a bonus video to help you listen about the American education system.