Friday, February 8, 2019

Week of February 11

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Are you a fan of Ohio's cold weather and snow? Have you ever tried skiing or cross-country skiing? Go on an adventure and try something new! 

Brandywine and Boston Mills ski resorts are within 40 minutes of greater Cleveland. 

You can rent cross-country skis at the Cleveland Metroparks.

How about trying tobogganing

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This is also a good time of year to warm up inside at the West Side Market on Lorain Avenue in Ohio City.

Review from last week

WOD: outraged, simplify

POD: to thumb through, to bring home the bacon

We began learning a new grammar topic: subject and object pronouns. You can practice more with both of those below:
Below you can practice some of the tricky consonant sounds we learned during our pronunciation lesson.


If you missed class last week, this video is a good summary of language we learned (warning: British English).

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