Saturday, October 13, 2018

Week of October 15th

For the next two weeks, our theme will be money. We will discuss many things, but I want you to think about any specific questions you have.

Below is a video about 11 phrasal verbs used for talking about money in English.

There is a saying that money cannot buy love or happiness. Do you agree? The Beatles wrote a song about this idea which we will listen to in class.

Here are two listening activities you can do about the topic of money. Once you listen, scroll down to "Vocabulary Activities" and complete the online exercises. You can also click on "quiz script" to read as you listen.

ABCs of Money Matters (difficult)                        College Scholarships (medium)

Did you know only about 40% of Americans use a budget? Here are a few resources to help you develop a budget:

Every Dollar
Well Kept Wallet
Dough Roller

We will also read an article called Can We Keep Schools Safe in our newspapers this week. There is a video below with an explanation of a lockdown drill in an elementary school. The language is slow and good for practicing your listening skills. You can write down any new vocabulary.

Grammar: Using "Do"

Questions with Do     Do - Negative     Learn English Online

Grammar: Present Unreal Conditionals


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