Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Practice the Simple Past Tense with the exercises below:
Practice Used To with the exercises below: 



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Being an english literature student I understand the importance of this language and the depth it holds. It's sad how most of the people can't even grasp the very basic concepts, such a great blog for everyone.

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We usually make too much of gramatical mistakes while writing or communicating in english. This is quite a good excercise for improving your gramar skills.

Alice Rubby said...

As an English language learner, I struggle with verb tenses, and the simple past tense is one that often trips me up. Your approach of using a short story to provide context and practice for the tense is a great idea. The use of fill-in-the-blank exercises and comprehension questions also helped me to reinforce my understanding of the tense. Assignment Writing Help