Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I wish...

Level 2 students completed an "IF" packet today and the last thing learned was "wishes".  The EngVid video below is an excellent summary of what was discussed.

"Wish" can be used in many ways in English.  The website below explains all of them and you can also complete several online exercises.

Here is another website with many excellent examples of how to use "wish" in the present, past, and future along with online exercises.


nancy john said...

it's true that in the ways you mention, English is one of the easier languages in the world. However, you left out one key element--that English, plain and simple, makes no sense

combining Two Sentences

Patricia Lauterbach said...

After reading some reviews on Essay Jedi, I decided to move to Ohio. It's cool that you posted about English learning, cause that's exactly what I need.

Tina Steven said...

i have seen many of your post which are very helpful in my studies. English grammar is the basic step to speak, read, write english. Thanks for sharing this video. Please also provide some more videos on grammar study. I will share this with my friend to help them in there studies also.