Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Level 2 Writing Assignment - Write a 3 Paragraph Essay

You must write a 3 paragraph essay giving reasons why ________ is a popular place to visit in your home country.

An example for the USA is:

Grand Canyon National Park is one of America's most popular national parks for several reasons.

Your 1st paragraph will be your introduction, your 2nd paragraph will be your main body, and your 3rd paragraph will be your conclusion.

It is important to create an outline for your essay before you begin to write.  Here is an example outline:

I.  Introduction (3 sentences, including your thesis)

II. Body

     A.  First Point
           1.  Supporting Sentence/Example
           2.  Supporting Sentence/Example

     B.  Second Point
           1.  Supporting Sentence/Example
           2.  Supporting Sentence/Example

     C.  Third Point
           1.  Supporting Sentence/Example
           2.  Supporting Sentence/Example

III.  Conclusion

Remember to write your essay in "3rd Person" (do not use I, my, mine, we, ours, you, yours).


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